Trending Holiday Destinations of 2018

It seems that travel is evolving in terms of where we are going and how far we are willing ago. With social media influencing and inspiring us, people are breaking away from the typical holiday destinations to venture to far ends of the world. Can’t decide where to go this year? Here are the top trending holiday destinations of 2018.

St Helena


This secret wonder has only recently become known and accessible to the public. Over 3,000 miles west of Africa you will find St Helena. It is a British overseas territory and until recently could only be accessed by a Royal Mail Ship but can now travel to the island via a flight from Johannesburg. This stunning island boasts stunning hilly scenery and is surrounded by deep blue waters. Home to thousands of species, it is an ideal spot for diving and snorkelling. Although a trip to this secluded island may set you back a few pennies, you will be visiting barely touched territory!

Gdansk, Poland


Visit one of Poland’s most beautiful and colourful cities; Gdansk. Long Market in the city centre is a picturesque scene with brightly coloured buildings, shops and restaurants. This Polish city is the centre of the world’s amber trade and many shops sell it.


If you are seeking a secluded island feel without having to venture too far from the mainland, Sardinia is a top choice. This beautiful Italian island offers stunning Mediterranean views, sandy beaches and mountainous landscape. Perfect for an adventure holiday, there are many resorts on the island that offer activity packages where you can experience all that Sardinia has to offer. Visit for more information on adventure breaks.

Ishigaki Island, Japan


Venture completely off the beaten track to a Japanese secret escape. Ishigaki Island is the epitome of total paradise. This postcard like island exhibits crystal clear water and long, white sandy beaches. Located in Japan’s southwestern Okinawa Prefecture, the island houses excellent, local cuisine, incredible sightseeing and even a vibrant nightlife.





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